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My Story

Peace, I’m Master Juiice Chef Reesy Daniel, health coach, motivational speaker, award winning entrepreneur and influencer, born in Ohio, moved to North Carolina. I am the founder and CEO of Juiiced Up Reesy LLC, the #1 mobile juice bar located in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the year 2020 I suffered from numerous of health issues— obesity, migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, and depression. I wanted change so I made a commitment to myself to make that change! I started to do lots of research and experiment on myself with juicing. During my personal healing journey I was inspired to help others embrace healthy living as a sustainable lifestyle at an affordable price. Juiicing transformed my life. I naturally lost over 60 pounds, and healed health issues I suffered from with my products. I found my passion and now I am an innovative leader who provides invaluable resource for others, results-oriented coaching, and community support to help others turn juicing into an educational epic health transformative experience. I am a healer, mother, master juice chef, award winning WDIB entrepreneur and empowerment of the year 2022, Lecturer, and Influencer, my primary goal is helping people. I have over 10+ years of business experience working inside large companies, holding various roles in sales, marketing, communication expert and accounting. I retired the corporate life to pursue my passion for juicing with the mission of helping people heal their mind, body and spirit. I started Juiiced Up Reesy LLC in 2020 to help others seeking healthier lifestyles and created a safe space for the community, Juuiiceprenuers and health enthusiasts to bring people together to learn the healing benefits of juicing. I had humble beginnings, and though since a young kid I always had a burning desire to succeed. I have overcame the inevitable pitfalls of my adolescent years. I bounced around from foster home to foster home as an infant up until I aged out of the foster system. I experienced homelessness and incarceration. My journey towards becoming a Juiceprenuer started out by first healing myslef from the diseases that plagued my body which i overcame by fasting and detoxing my mind, body, and spirit with my products. I was determined never to be a product of my environment. I share my story to inspire and empower my audience to encourage them to keep pushing.

I believe that health is the real wealth and that education about natural health is the key to a healthy lifestyle. I radiate an electrifying personality and energy, captivating creative educational content and I deliver the ultimate juicing experience through my products, and live events. My motto is “your health is an investment, not an expense.” Do you want master juice chef Reesy to speak or offer juice samples at your event? Want us to Popup at your local gym to offer samples and healthy juice and food options? We welcome invitations to community events promoting health and wellness, vendor events and collaborations!

Juiiced Up Reesy transformation with juicing

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